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Google Maps will become greener: it will allow planning the charging of electric cars

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The advance of electric cars is increasing, so it is not surprising that all companies that have services related to the motor world are adapting. One of them is google, which is going to take an important step in this regard in its Maps application. We tell you exactly what it is about. Since 2021, the North American firm includes in the version of Google Maps we are talking about for Android Auto options that allow you to generate routes that take electrical charging points into account. But, this, to date, does not happen with the application for iOS or Android. And, for the last operating system that we have indicated, things are luckily going to change in a short time. And the truth is that it makes all the logic in the world, since not all electric cars on the market use Android Auto, so they cannot carry out adequate planning with Google Maps to be sure that they are on the right route. where you will not have problems when it comes to finding what is necessary to charge the car battery before it runs out. And this is something that users have complained about and, of course, the Mountain View firm is taking the appropriate measures. Google Maps is already being prepared In version 11.65 of the application we are talking about, several indications have been found of the arrival of the option to create routes in which the best options are established, taking into account the electrical charging points that they exist on the roads, which is helpful and reassures those who bet on EVs that they will be able to continue to use Google’s work in an optimal way. Some options that have been detected are from warnings to users (such as the one that tells the driver that his battery is low when he arrives at the charging point, so that he does not get excessively scared). And, also, the indication that makes it clear to the driver that to reach the desired place it is not possible to establish an adequate route. So things are pretty far along, it seems. Also, the user interface is expected to be identical to what currently exists in Android Auto. It will be necessary to provide information about the car It is not at all clear which version will be in which this new function will be activated by Google, but what cannot be avoided is that you have to provide some information about the electric car you have. An example will be to indicate the charge of the battery of the vehicle in question and even the type of adapter used in the charging stations. If this is not the case, it does not seem possible that adequate and effective routes can be established. >

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