Google Maps will allow us to visit places in a totally immersive way


Google recovers face-to-face events after the pandemic, starting with the inaugural conference of its annual event for developers, Google I/O, which in its edition this year is well loaded with announcements, such as those listed for Google Maps.

In this regard, Google has wanted address the 3D mode of Apple Maps by bringing to Google Maps the new immersive view of places in the world, powered by Artificial Intelligence, and which begins to be available in preview phase.

Along with the announcement of the immersive view, there are also news regarding ecological routes by car and the possibility of incorporating the Live View augmented reality function into third-party applications.

But the highlight of what was announced today is the immersive view, which It comes thanks to advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence to be able to experience any place, be it a monument, a neighborhood, a place, etc. in a different way.

But it is no longer just knowing the desired place, but also knowing it in different conditions, for which it also allows choosing the time of day and weather condition, so that users can get a more exact idea of ​​the place they could aspire to visit.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also know the movement in real time that may be taking place in it. But for now it will cover the cities of Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, although Google promises to expand this function to more cities in the world.

News about eco-routes by car and more

At a time when it is intended to reduce the impact of activities on the environment, with regard to the ecological routes function, recently launched in the US and Canada, Google has highlighted not only the savings in emissions, but which also promises to expand this function to more territories, where for Europe, its arrival will take place by the end of this year.

In this way, European users will be able to choose the route by car that can generate the least emissions to the environment.

And regarding the Live View function, Google has introduced the new ARCore geospatial API that developers can use in their applications for free, so that users of third-party applications will be able to have a series of indications through arrows and instructions with Google Maps when heading to your destination.

More info/image credit: Google

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