Google Maps warns you about speed cameras, but this app is much more effective

google maps warns you about speed cameras but this app.webp.webp.webp
google maps warns you about speed cameras but this app.webp.webp.webp

When we talk about map applications or GPS navigators, it is clear that Google Maps and waze They are the queens on our phones. If you have an iPhone, in recent months Apple has gone all out with Maps and, in addition, there are other most interesting alternatives. However, it is always good to know other options.

And one of those options is also one of the best alternatives to Waze. This is the Coyote app and it is a GPS navigator for your mobile that warns of all speed cameras and, in addition, it has other strengths of Waze: a large community behind it and a very easy-to-use alert system.

A great app to see and notify speed cameras and unexpected events on the road

Something great about there being several alternatives with similar functions of the same application is that we can poke around to see which one best suits our needs. Many of them are free, but in the case of Coyote, things change.

This is a paid application, but the good news is that there are two types of trial period. When you download Coyote (it is available on both Play Store of Android as in the App Store iPhone), the first thing the app does is ask us to create an account and also add a payment method.

If we do it (use the card we already have on Android or iPhone), We have 30 days free to thoroughly test the application. We can cancel whenever we want, but if we don’t, at the end of the trial we will be charged 10.99 euros. Now, we have another ‘Later’ option to not enter a payment method.


In this case, we will only have seven days of Coyote and we will not have some functions, such as connecting to Android Auto and Apple Car Play (with which the app in its final version is compatible). There is more than enough time for Try the main functions of this application and see if it convinces us as an alternative to Google Maps or Waze.

And what are these benefits? Well, basically, the user community behind it and a tremendously easy-to-use interface in the vehicle. The first thing is that, if you want it to navigate, you should know that it is an app that drink from the maps of Here Maps. They are maps with which you can get anywhere without any problem and they are also based on community data.

We have 2D or 3D navigation, an easy ‘Home’ view, as well as work and favorites so you don’t have to keep entering directions to the most common places. We also see the speedometer and most importantly, the emergency symbol at the bottom right.

Here we have one of the strongest points of this application, since with a single touch, we can alert about radars, accidents or the state of the road and traffic wherever we are. It is a system very similar to Waze, but with huge icons that make things much easier.

Coyote 2

Now, if what interests you is Coyote as a speed camera warning application, it warns us about fixed speed cameras and traffic light speed cameras, as well as speed limitation zones, but without speed cameras. If we click on any of these symbols on the map, it will show us the speed allowed on said radar or section. In addition, and thanks to this community, you can also notify about the position of mobile radars.

Without a doubt, the best recommendation is to always follow the traffic and speed rules of the road. Now, although Coyote is an excellent alternative to Google Maps for knowing the radars, if there is one thing that stands out in my opinion, it is because of its ease of notifying other users of any unforeseen event along the way.

The icons are big, if you click you have more information about the meaning and the sound alerts are very recognizable. And something also curious is that it has an ‘Expert Mode’ that removes the map, but continues to show us the speed of the road, ours, the icon to notify of altercations and, obviously, the warnings.

Coyote: radar and GPS warning

Drive safely and avoid fines with Coyote alerts and navigation. 100% legal and Apple CarPlay compatible.

As we said, The good thing is that you can try this alternative to Google Maps totally freebut then you can pay the Classic version for 7.99 euros per month or 65.99 euros per year or the Premium version (which is the one with Android Auto and Car Play) for 10.99 euros per month or 91.99 euros per year.

Cover photo | Alejandro Alcolea

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