Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation comes to Wear OS, so you can use it

The arrival of Google Maps to watches with Wear OS It was already seen as a very important step for these devices to be a much more attractive option for users. And, the truth is that the step that has just been taken in the application only confirms what we say. We tell you what it is about.

During the CES show, Google announced an update to the maps application we are talking about, which had one main objective: to make it possible to perform turn-by-turn navigation directly on smartwatches running Wear OS. This represents an important advance, and a sample of what is to come for this development, which is experiencing great progress since it was used by Samsung and, also, with the arrival of the Pixel Watch on the market.

It is not something that reaches all smartwatches

This is something that should be very clear. The new update and the corresponding activation is only available in smartwatches that use the latest version of Wear OS. They are not all of the ones on the market, so it is important that this is taken into account. In addition, a requirement is that the wearable accessory include access to mobile networks (LTE at least), since in this way they can work independently in combination with the integrated GPS. And what is the reason for this? Well, Google Maps can work without having to depend on the phone.


If this is true, it will be possible to perform turn-by-turn navigation. That is, with turning directions to reach a chosen location. And, this, when you are walking and even in the car, can be of great help to avoid having to hold the phone in your hand. A good advance that shows the evolution that is being achieved in smart watches with Google’s operating system.

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This is how the use of Google Maps is activated on smartwatches

What you have to do on the smartwatch itself is to perform these actions so that, for example, Google Maps works on the device and not on the phone if you choose:

  • Launch the Google Maps app.
  • Now, scroll down until you can open the Development Settings section.
  • Select Startup mode and, among the available options, you can set how you want the app to work when you launch it and there is synchronization between a smartphone and a smartwatch.
  • You have finished.