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Google Maps receives a new update ideal for summer trips

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One of the applications that becomes essential in summer is Google Maps. With it, it is possible to find good restaurants anywhere, as well as locate the best route you have to take to go from your home to the destination where you will spend your free days. Well, there is a new function in the app that is very helpful in the latter case. The truth is that the possibilities offered by the development of Google, when it comes to being useful in what has to do with the routes that are followed with it, are enormous. Currently, you can know where the speed controls are; be clear if there are traffic jams to be able to change the road you are driving on: and, in addition, you will find routes with a large number of filters that range from being the fastest to being the least aggressive with the environment. Well, it seemed incredible that tolls were not treated with due importance, something that has changed. The new function that Google Maps has To date in the application, what could be done with respect to tolls is to indicate whether they wanted to be avoided or not. While this is quite useful, it was not enough. And so they have seen it in the Mountain View company, since they have added a new function that will surely be useful to more than one. This allows you to know precisely the cost of following a route that uses toll roads and, therefore, you can decide whether you want to follow it or not. A great help so that expenses do not become a negative surprise. One more step to have absolute control of the information that is enjoyed with Google Maps (what you have to spend on fuel is complicated, due to the prices that vary at gas stations and that each car consumes differently), something that is clearly the goal of the North American firm with the steps it is taking. By the way, setting up to view this information is as simple as accessing the options used to create a route. I mean, everything is very simple. Does this novelty reach all regions? The deployment of the information, but not of the internal tool, will begin gradually. In a first wave, the US, India, Japan and Indonesia will be the places where you can enjoy this new function. It will constantly reach the rest of the countries in which Spain will not be lacking. Knowing how Google acts, very possibly before the end of this month we will be able to use this possibility from smartphones, computers and tablets. >

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