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Google Maps now shows if a place is wheelchair accessible

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The Google team has released a series of updates for Maps.

News that improve functions with Augmented Reality, give more options to those who have electric cars and a new accessibility function is extended.

How to find wheelchair accessible places with Google Maps

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In 2020, Google Maps began rolling out an accessibility feature that makes it easier for users to find wheelchair-friendly public places. However, this feature was available for a few countries, such as the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

A function that is now being extended to the whole world, as mentioned by the Google team, and is already available in the Maps app on both iOS and Android. To use this new option, it is only necessary to open the Google Maps app, search for Settings and scroll to the “Accessibility settings” section.

It only remains to activate the “accessible sites” option so that they are shown in the business files if the place is prepared for wheelchairs. This takes into account seating, restroom, parking, and entrances.

Once this function is activated we will see the icon of a wheelchair at the top of the business file. If the icon is shown in gray, as you see in the image above, it is because it has accessibility conditions. And if the icon is crossed out, it is because it has not been marked as a place with accessibility options.

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One detail to keep in mind is that this information is provided by the owner of the place or the Google Maps community, so the veracity of this data will depend on them. And of course, it is an option that can also be useful in other contexts:

With insights from business owners and contributions from the Google Maps community, this feature can also be useful if you want to avoid stairs because you have a stroller, luggage, or are using a cart.

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