Google Maps now offers you to discover 500 new places with Immersive View

google maps now offers you to discover 500 new places.jpg
google maps now offers you to discover 500 new places.jpg

Google Maps offers four new cities and 500 historical and cultural sites to visit in Immersive View, this stunning technology that is gradually revolutionizing the mapping application.

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Day after day, Google Maps gains new features that are sometimes very discreet, but totally essential, like the pin on the map which allows you to orient yourself, or sometimes very flashy and totally impressive, as can the be Immersive View, Google’s AI-powered 3D navigation. The latter will be enriched with new historical or tourist sites to discover. Moreover, four new cities will be added to the catalog cities that can be explored in their entirety.

For the past few months, Google has been taking advantage of AI to accelerate the development of Google Maps. Last March, the company had thus begun to deploy the Immersive View tool, which “merges billions of images and creates a multidimensional view of the world” by superimposing reliable information on it. If it is already possible to visit several cities lengthwise and in 3D, it should be noted that the most beautiful city in the world has not yet been modeled in this way.

Google Maps offers Immersive View in several Parisian tourist sites

Indeed, no French city is proposed in the list of this month. On the other hand, it is now possible to walk around virtually Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice. In addition, the Immersive View “is extended to more than 500 iconic locations around the world including several located in France”. It should be noted that the City of Light is particularly honored, with sites such as the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, or the Eiffel Tower. When will Paname be modeled in its entirety? Google wants to be reassuring on this point and announces a “launch of Vue Immersive in Paris in the coming months”.

In addition, Google Maps benefits from two other updates, one of which improves the “routes at a glance” interface, that feature that makes it easy to track the progress of your ride without going into full navigation mode. It will be rolling out “this month for walking, cycling and driving modes worldwide on iOS and Android”.

Source : Google

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