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Google Maps Live View: this is augmented reality navigation and how to activate it

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Three years ago augmented reality came to google Maps to improve the pedestrian navigation thanks to live viewa feature that began as exclusive to the Google Pixel and is currently available on any device compatible with ARCore.

In this article we will see what it is Google Maps LiveViewon which devices it is available and all the possibilities offered by the augmented reality of Google Maps to guide us with the use of the camera of our mobile device.

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What is Google Maps Live View

Google Maps LiveView offers us a more precise and visual way to move around a citywhich is where GPS coverage usually fails the most due to the height of buildings, reaching the wrong sidewalks or streets.

To achieve this, Google Maps relies on the sensors of our devices and on image recognition so that by simply focusing on our environment, Google Maps is able to detect improve the accuracy of our locationand the most important, show in our real world the indications so that it is much clearer to us at which intersection we have to turn.

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Google Maps LiveView It is not designed to be used with the car, so can only be used in pedestrian navigationthat is, for walking routes.

Availability of Live View

At the moment Live View availability is very large. Most devices that hit the market are compatible with Google’s augmented reality platform called ARCore. To find out if our mobile is compatible with ARCore, the quickest and easiest thing to do is to see if our device has the Google Play Services application for AR installed. Google also offers an updated list of mobile phones compatible with ARCore.

Besides, Google Maps LiveView only available in areas with street view coveragesince augmented reality relies on image recognition to find out where we are by comparing what our camera is showing with the millions of Street View images.

How to use Google Maps Live View

Follow directions with Live View

Google Maps Live View Navigation

The pedestrian navigation is one of the main characteristics of Google Maps LiveView. To activate it we just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter a destination in the search bar or touch a place on the map.
  2. Click on How to get.
  3. Select the option “Walking”.
  4. Tap the option live view.

If it is the first time that we use this option, it is possible that we have to accept the permission of the camera, since we have to focus with the camera our environment for Google Maps to locate our location and start showing turn-by-turn directions in augmented reality.

By default, we can toggle between Live View and 2D map view changing the phone from portrait to landscape, but from the navigation settingsunder “Pedestrian Navigation Options”, we can disable the Live View tilt option.

Orient yourself with Live View

live view It also allows us to orient ourselves to locate reference points, to know how far away a store, restaurant, monument or city is without having to calculate a route. To do this we just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter a destination in the search bar or touch a place on the map.
  2. Slide down your card to display all the options.
  3. Click on the button live view.

Improve location accuracy with Live View

Google Maps Live View Calibrate

If we see that the precision of our blue dot and the compass is very low, we can improve it with Live View so that it places us on the map in the correct position and orientation. For this we have to:

  1. Click on the blue Point of your position.
  2. tap on Calibrate.
  3. Focus your surroundings with the camera so that Google Maps locates you.

Find people with Live View

Google Maps Live View Find People

Finally, if you have a mobile google-pixel You can also locate the contacts who are sharing their location in real time through Live View, to do this you just have to click on their contact photo and touch the option live view. Augmented reality will guide you and show you the distance and position of said contact.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps – Navigation and public transport

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