Google Maps is updated and solves one of the biggest user complaints

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A girl takes a photo of her food to post it on Google Maps

Google Maps has received a recent update that has quietly introduced a new feature that responds to one of the common criticisms among users. As we are going to tell you, the maps application continues to improve to make it as comfortable as possible.

Until now, it was a common criticism of Google Maps that, while we were browsing between the restaurants that can be consulted within the app, information was missing. Specifically, the criticism was directed towards the photographs, which were less useful than would be desirable.

The information that was missing

Before, when we looked at restaurant reviews from Google Maps and went to the photo section to see what customers had posted, we we ran into a problem. We would see a hamburger, for example, and think “that looks good”. But then we found out that we didn’t actually know what burger it was.

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When people post pictures of their food on Google maps reviews, they should be required to list the dish title with every photo presented.

January 21, 2024 • 13:02



Unless the user had added that information, we were in the dark. So many times our visits to the restaurant in question ended in failure. And, on other occasions, what we did was show the waiter the photo on Google Maps to say “one of these, please.” But, in any case, do this last It wasn’t exactly comfortable.. Many people complained and said that users should be forced to put the name of the dish when they post a photo. That’s not going to happen, but, luckily, there is a solution.

Google has begun to enter information linked to each of the photos that are published and those that are also published. As we are talking about millions of photos, for now the information It is not in all the photographs available, but it seems that it will be added gradually.

Our stomach will thank you

This novelty seems simple, but it will provide a lot of satisfaction to users. What we see, as they have published on 9 to 5 Google, which is where they have found it and discovered it, is that the photos now have not only the name of the dish, but other related information. For example, in some cases we find the price that we will have to pay, the list of ingredients or certain labels that are attributed to the food, as if it is a vegetarian dish.

Explanation of the use of information in Google Maps photos

To create these extended listings, Google is using an automated system with which they claim to obtain data from both businesses and users. They ensure that their system analyzes the data that is integrated, but that they do not verify them one by one. Because of this, Google Maps allows Click on the Suggest a change button and specify what we want to contribute, such as that the name of the dish is incorrect, that it is offensive or that, in reality, it is not available in the restaurant (something positive considering that there are very old photos that are still published). There is also a tab that allows you to view the restaurant’s menu based on data collected by Google.

This is, therefore, a very beneficial feature that will help us choose where to eat more easily while creating routes on Google Maps. Anyway, you still have to give it some time to make this function more generally available since, for now, it does not appear in many photos. We have done tests and it has been difficult for us to find one in which something more than the basic description of the dish appears.

Extra information added to Google Maps photos

In any case, this is the type of useful novelty for the user that will be very welcome and will make that we give it more credibility to Google Maps when choosing a restaurant. Because, until now, it wasn’t something we gave much confidence in. Yes, we used the application to see the address of the restaurant and the map, but the idea of ​​using it to choose a dish is something that will now begin to have relevance.

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