Google Maps helps you find the best charging station for your electric car


Google Maps is launching new functions, and among them, a new dynamic for those who have electric cars.

Although Maps already shows information about charging stations for electric cars, with this update it improves the information it provides thanks to its new filters. We tell you the news.

New filters in Google Maps to find charging stations

Google Maps has long offered real-time information on charging stations for electric cars. A dynamic that makes it easier for drivers to know in advance if they have the right service for their car before going to that location.

And now this dynamic improves even more, since Google Maps is implementing a series of new filters that simplify the task of finding the most suitable charging station for our needs.

For example, drivers will be able to filter the charging stations according to the type of connector, giving the possibility of specifying one or several favorites. Or the user may be interested in filtering by loading speed. In that case, they can use available filters, such as 50 kW or faster, 150 kW or more.

Or if you’re planning a trip, you can use the filters to find charging stations that are open at any time, or on a specific day or time. So you could set, for example, that you are looking for a station with a charging speed of 150 kW, that has connectors compatible with your car, and that is open on a Saturday morning.

Once you apply all the filters, Google Maps will show you all the relevant results. In this way, the app will save you time and having to wander around the city looking for a station that suits your needs.

This new filter system is now available in Google Maps, both in its app for iOS and Android

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