Google Maps for Android now also shows the weather forecast, a feature that has been on iOS for years

google maps for android now also shows the weather forecast.webp.webp.webp
google maps for android now also shows the weather forecast.webp.webp.webp

In 2019 Google updated the version of Google Maps for iOS devices with a feature that, without a doubt, is really useful: The map app allows you to check the weather of the area you are in, without having to go to a weather application. A small piece of information superimposed on the map that allowed us to save valuable seconds by having more information on the same screen.

Now, more than four years later, this feature now It is also available for Android devices. The latest update to Google Maps for mobile phones with the Google operating system incorporates weather information. At last.

If you are on Google Maps you no longer have to leave the app to check the weather

The idea of ​​the weather being available in a maps and navigation application is not far-fetched. It is very common that before leaving home or

Do I need to bring an umbrella? Will I have to drive in the rain

But now, Google Maps permanently displays a small piece of information on the screen, including the current temperature in the area and the level of air quality.

Weather Google Maps Android 2Google Maps for Android now shows the current weather in the area.

Additionally, by clicking on the small button or icon with the weather, we can obtain even more information about the weather, specifically: the maximum and minimum temperature for the day, the forecast for the next six hours and more information about air quality. The weather information is obtained from

Weather App Google Maps Android

Last October 2023 it was leaked that this function would arrive sooner rather than later on Google Maps on Android, and the wait is over: it is now available from the latest update of the application.

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