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Google Maps finds a way to make choosing a restaurant easier: the latest novelty describes the dishes

google maps changes forever this is the new color scheme for the map symbols
google maps changes forever this is the new color scheme for the map symbols

One of the most popular map and navigation applications-services among users is Google Maps. It is, in part, thanks to the fact that it is available in the two major mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. Also because keep adding functions with the passing of updates.

Now, as we read at 9to5Google, the Maps application will improve to help us choose a restaurant where to give a taste to our palate. He will do it in a way we didn’t expect: describing the dishes on the menu.

Google Maps wants to convince gourmets of the flavor

Google has a complete record of the places, whether bars or restaurants, where we can stop to taste some tasty dishes. Traditionally, it is a good service to locate places to eat, as it combines all the necessary information such as the telephone number and address with images that users themselves share thus discovering the appearance of the dishes served.

There are some alternatives quite competent, like this interactive map that we shared   last year. However, Maps will gain in this regard with the addition that will arrive soon.

Apparently the map service is now assigning and naming food photos that users share to menu items. Thus, we will be able to know some more details such as the ingredients with which it has been prepared.

This information will be present in the “Photos” tab, something natural considering that Google takes the images uploaded to the service as a reference. Whether it is a restaurant, bar, cafeteria or any other restaurant, the images will show a card at the bottom with the Name of the dish and the aforementioned description.

On the other hand, will also reveal the price of the dish itself, as well as labels that represent the recipe, such as “Popular” or “Vegetarian.” According to the Mountain View company, this information “is collected from users and companies”, and subsequently “analyzes the aggregate data.” They also warn: “it doesn’t check all attributes,” so some inaccuracy might be expected.

In this case, we can suggest a modification to provide more concise information. It will be done from ‘Suggest a modification’, and we can mark options such as ‘Incorrect name’, ‘Dish not served here’. For this feature, it is possible that Google, in addition to using user information, is using AI object recognition.

For now, not all photos of dishes carry this new card, but it is expected that they will arrive little by little. This will allow Google Maps to consolidate its dominant position, and will convince some users who were reluctant to use the service.