Google Maps creates an application to assign addresses to houses that do not have a street

Google Maps Plus Code
google maps creates an application to assign addresses to houses

From now on, isolated houses that do not have a postal address they will have a new way of locating themselves on the map thanks to the Address Maker application, a Google Maps software aimed at governments and institutions that makes shipping and navigation easier. AND without having to name the streets.

Most of us have assumed that living in a house implies living in a specific address to which they can send letters, invoices and Amazon packages, for example. Even so, there are millions of addresses that do not have a postal addressespecially in the most disadvantaged countries. To alleviate the problem, Google Maps has created a tool with which to assign unique addresses without the need for a street.

Address Maker, a tool to create addresses

Google Maps Plus Code

Plus Code, the unique address of Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to locate any address, building or premises in two ways: with the postal address and with your Plus Code, a unique code that identifies any place of interest on the famous map platform. The next step involved using only the seconds, the Google Maps Plus Codes. It’s what Address Maker does.

As Google explains in an article on its blog, Address Maker is a free mobile application that allows you to assignment of unique location codes (the Plus Codes) in buildings erected in areas without street names. Aimed at governments and institutions, Address Maker makes it possible to delimit areas by assigning places a unique address from Google Maps.

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With Address Maker, any place can have its own destination point in order to be precisely located on the map. This enables sending letters and packages to areas where there are no postal addresses. Everything almost instantaneously and through an application; This streamlines urban planning: while the city council is laying out the road network, the buildings already built can receive their shipments without complications.

Google details that some governments and institutions in Africa are already using Address Maker to assign addresses from Google Maps through the app, also India and even the United States. Anyone interested can fill out this form to request access to Address Maker.

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