Google Maps changes forever: this is the new color scheme for the map symbols

An aesthetic change that will completely renew the colors of the symbols with which the map is interpreted in the Google app.

Google Maps is one of the most versatile apps there is, but for some of its experiences it is better to use other applications for hiking itself . Now the technology giant’s app is about to receive a new color scheme with which to interpret the most important symbols on the map.

The symbology on a map is very important to perfectly visualize the streets, roads, traffic lights or even the buildings themselves. Each color or tone has its importance so that it is not a tangle of images with flat colors that can confuse the user. It is precisely the intention of the new color scheme that has been appearing since September for some users and that has already been revealed to have its similarities with the renewal of Apple’s maps app.

Mostly, the color palette used in the new Google Maps is based on the use of gray, mint green and blue-green to push its general concept towards cold tones. In contrast to the current Maps in which the color yellow takes center stage for the main roads in a city like Madrid.

This new Google Maps update will first reach twelve countries, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom , Germany and the United States. There is no evidence that Spain is one of the first, but since we are not aware of the rest of the countries, it may be that in the coming days when one opens Google Maps they will find themselves faced with another, more appropriate color scheme.

Everything will depend on taste, since in the new color scheme the warm tones (orange and yellow) have been removed to leave colder ones that visually do not generate as much impact; The use of cold colors such as blue is usually used for reading mode on mobile devices to calm the intensity of the screen’s brightness.

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Google, according to Android Police , maintains that its use of these colors is intended to more accurately reflect the real world . And there are already some users who are not happy at all, thinking that Maps is now too ‘bright’ and that even the previous color palette was more accurate in the representation of the map. The technology giant clarifies that these adjustments are made to help users better understand the environment while using navigation.

Now, as often happens with some updates, Google may finally back down and return to the previous color scheme with warmer tones thanks to oranges and yellows. This update comes from Google to renew an aspect that it has not touched for a long time and that Apple has been able to refine in its maps app to offer a better experience. Google’s central idea is to stick with this new color scheme.