Google Maps changes completely: this is the new and refined design of the app

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791181520 235739262 1706x960.jpg

Google has updated Maps with big changes to the application’s interface, which is now more immersive and allows you to see more content at once.

Google Maps is one of those applications that the company usually updates with some frequency, seeking to improve both its functions and its appearance. And the best thing is that these improvements usually do not take long to reach Spain, such as the possibility of activating Bluetooth beacons to avoid losing the connection in the tunnels.

Now, the company has surprised with an update that incorporates design newsmodernizing various parts of the interface, such as the establishment and point of interest files, which have improved its use of space and aesthetics.

Other changes in the organization of some elements are also included. This is one of the biggest redesigns the app has undergone recently. Recently, they have also launched other new features such as integrating weather information into maps.

Big changes

Google has decided to follow its own design lines even more, making the application more adapted to Material You. Previously, when opening a place’s file, it was displayed in full screen, but with the new changes, this has become a drop-down page that does not fill the entire screen and that allows you to see the upper part of the map, offering a feeling of greater immersion.

The corners become rounded, and a close button and a share button appear next to the name at the top. These are also seen when the tab is partially closed, causing there to be a greater number of shortcuts than there were before. The search bar is now cleaner, only including the voice typing buttons, Google Lens, and the user’s profile photo.

New Google Maps design

When searching for a route, a similar interface is also displayed, which offers a greater sense of space and makes it more comfortable to see the different options, since these are at the bottom. Above, there is only the box to write the origin and destination.

These changes, as indicated 9to5Googlehave been seen by some users on Android in the version 11.113 of the app. However, it appears that this is a server-side update, so it may take a while to reach everyone.

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