Google Maps adds immersive views of outstanding places in the world

Without having the media protagonism of others, Google Maps is one of the company’s most popular services, a position that has allowed it to put the queen of GPS devices on the ropes: TomTom. The high quality and especially the “free” of Google Maps have placed it at the top, but you know, with the giant from Mountain View the price is almost always the same: our data.

Google has announced three new features that will be introduced to its maps service, which are more immersive aerial views of more than 100 landmarks around the globe, more detailed cycling routes, and improved location sharing with notifications for arrivals and departures. outlets of the user’s friends.

Of the novelties incorporated into Google Maps, the immersive view, which consists of offering photorealistic views of more than 100 known points of the globe with the purpose of giving the user the feeling that he is really there (or at least close to it). The company has explained that this has been possible thanks to the fusion of billions of images by using artificial intelligence to create realistic three-dimensional views geared towards virtual viewing. Supported locations include cities such as London, New York, Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, and Tokyo.

The latest Google Maps update has introduced data from many cities related to bike lanes and cycle routes to help identify areas with heavy traffic, flat or hilly terrain, road types, stairs, elevations, and other features.

And to finish with the novelties of Google Maps is the improved location sharing. To make the above more precise, if the user meets a group of friends at a location, you can configure the location notification to be shared with the sending user after their friends have arrived at that location. Similarly, users can set up an exit notification to let them know if a contact has left a place.

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All of these new features should be coming to Google Maps users on both Android and iOS. The Mountain View giant doesn’t want its map service to drop out of first place, and to do so is constantly working to improve it or add curious features that, with a little imagination, may be more useful than it seems.