Google makes a mess with the redesign of the Play Store: so you can continue searching for the apps you want to install

google makes a mess with the redesign of the play.webp.webp.webp
google makes a mess with the redesign of the play.webp.webp.webp

Google Play Store is the app store most widespread on Android, although there are alternatives that we can install on our mobile. This same year, we learned that it would have advertising in search suggestions, something that is already available.

The most recent is the redesign that is undergoing, with small seasonings that, for the moment, have turned out to be more of a mistake than a success. The store has welcomed some aesthetic tweaks that add Material You, including a position change for the search. This is what has generated confusion, and now we will tell you why.

No search option in Play Store

Google Play Store

Although the play store search It is not as efficient as we would like, hence there is an application that does it better, it is useful for locating the apps that we want to download and install. For some time now, this has been in the top bar that is always present, no matter which tab we are visiting.

But the latest changes that Google has made to its store, change its location – and form, everything must be said – to a new center tab which will act as the main center to find what we are looking for. This modification was advanced by user AssembleDebugwhich is usually in charge of reviewing the changes that come to Google’s operating system (and apps).

From now on, we will have to waste a little more time every time we need to go to her. Of course, the real problem is not really this, but that the search giant has begun to deploy the redesign leaving the new tab in the pipeline.

What was the result? Well, some users have been left without the possibility of searching in the Google Play Store. The change makes some sense, beyond adding an extra step, because having a bar and a search tab at the same time would be redundant. However, the Mountain View company made a mistake before releasing the redesign to the public.

The specialized media, Android Authority, leaves us an example of how the search function is missing. From Apps ProBox we have not detected that the redesign has affected us yet, so we have been lucky to overcome the problem. However, this does not mean that it could not have happened to you, what would you see? an interface similar to this.

In addition to the inopportune error, it is curious that the ‘Books’ tab would continue to show the top bar, without us knowing if it is also part of the problem. Be that as it may, in the event that you have been affected, you can still use the search function.

Play Store Search ErrorThe first captures the design so far, with the top search bar. In the center, with the redesign already implemented that brings the tab to the bottom bar. On the right, a Play Store affected by Google’s deployment error, without a search bar or tab. Screenshots from Android Authority

To do this, you will have to touch the arrows that appear next to the recommendations, and on the next screen you will see a search icon that we can touch. Likewise, it could be useful to clear the Play Store data and cache, to try to fix the main absence.

Ultimately, it will be best to wait for Google to notice the search problem, and perhaps thus somewhat paralyze the rollout of the new redesign. It is definitely not something they have intentionally sought, so time will tell us. final solution.

Via | Android Authority

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