Google Lens can now tell you if that spot on your skin is a mole or a rash

google lens can now tell you if that spot on.jpg
google lens can now tell you if that spot on.jpg

Google has implemented a new skin disease recognition feature in Lens, its visual search tool available on Android and iOS.

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Google Lens can now help you determine if that spot or bump on the surface of your skin is a sun spot, a mole, or if you need to see a dermatologist. On the company blog, the developers of this application add that it “also works if you don’t know how to describe another part of your body, such as a bump on the lip, a line on the nails or hair loss”. For those who follow the news of the firm of the online search giant, this “dermatological assistant” has an air of deja vu.

Indeed, exactly two years ago, Google already helped you identify your skin problems with your smartphone thanks to DermAssist. At the time, it was enough to submit 3 photos of your skin to this service which, already thanks to Artificial Intelligence, determined the disease which you were possibly afflicted with. The procedure was somewhat tedious, especially since you had to register on a waiting list. The new diagnostic tool based on Google Lens is much easier to access : a single photo should be enough to obtain an almost immediate and rather precise diagnosis.

Google Lens turns into a dermatological diagnostic tool thanks to AI

In addition, Google has decided to implement Lens in Bard, its Generative Artificial Intelligence intended to compete ChatGPT. This association will allow you to insert images into the conversation with the chatbot, and you can, for example, show Bard a photo of a pair of sneakers and ask Bard the brand and model, or ideas on the way to match these shoes to create a complete outfit.

As we can see, somewhat under the constraint of ChatGPT, Google is integrating artificial intelligence into its search engine and its tools. The dermatological assistant powered by Google Lens is undeniably useful for anyone who wants be reassured or know whether to make an appointment at the dermatologist.

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