Google Launches New Nest Hub 2nd Gen: Enhanced Smart Speaker

Google and Amazon are currently competing to fill our house with speakers Y smart displays. Amazon is ahead of it, but that does not mean that Google continues to work hard to improve Google assistant and its products. Today, the new version of the Nest Hub arrives after more than two years have passed since the launch of the first generation of the product.


The 2nd Gen Nest Hub compete face-to-face with the Amazon Echo Show. The one that comes the closest is the Echo Show 8, with an 8-inch screen. In the case of the Nest Hub, we have a 7-inch floating screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, more than enough for day to day. However, Google still does not include a camera, something that even the Echo Show 5 already has. It is seen that Google prefers to prioritize the use of mobile phones to make calls, something that Amazon cannot choose as it does not have devices within that ecosystem.

The new Nest Hub improves sound and design

Not including a camera can also be a positive thing depending on where you want to put it, since this makes it ideal to guarantee our privacy if we put it in a bedroom. To this is added that Google has included a new function called Sleep Sensing, designed to monitor our sleep.

According to Google, 20% of the original Nest Hubs are in bedrooms. For this reason, they have included Sleep Sensing, an optional function to analyze sleep based on our breathing, our movement, coughs, snoring, changes in light and temperature. All this data is processed locally on the device, and never leaves it. Google is only broadly sent events such as sleep problems, such as number of coughs or snoring. The algorithm used has been entered with more than 100,000 nights of sleep from thousands of people.

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With Motion sense It will also be possible to delay the alarm for a few minutes by simply making a gesture with the hand. Sleep Sensing will be available in a “free preview” mode until next year, although it has not been determined what its price will be from there.

The new Nest Hub includes numerous other changes. For example, the frame around glass from the front, which facilitates its cleaning against the small protrusion that we had in the previous model. Sound quality has also been improved, with bass that is 50% more powerful thanks to the new 1.7-inch driver. We also have a third microphone designed to pick up voice from a distance, and a button to hardware disconnect the microphone.

At the connectivity level, we also find compatibility with Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) to support better connectivity as a hub for smart devices, although the feature is not available from launch and will come later.

It costs 10 euros more than the previous model

Its price is 99.99 euros, rising only 10 euros compared to the current model, and being available for sale in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia the January 30th. Later it will come to Spain. It is available in colors white, black, pink and blue. For the tinting of the colors they have used a process that uses less water, in addition to being 54% made with recycled plastics.