Google launches Nearby Share in Spain and makes it easier to send files from mobile to PC

At CES 2023, Google launched Nearby Share for the Windows operating system, allowing people to easily transfer files between Android devices and Microsoft-powered PCs. At that time, the application was only available in some countries, such as the United States. But without going any further, it could not be achieved in Europe, and this has just changed. However, Google seems to have been hard at work adding more regions to the list, as the Nearby Share app for Windows is now available to download in most countries around the world… and Spain is one of the options out there right now. to be able to get the trial version that the Mountain View company has. Nearby Share for Windows Goes Global As reported by 9To5Google, Google’s support page for the feature states that “Nearby Share Beta for Windows PCs is available in the US and most countries around the world.” The only countries where you can’t download the app are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria (due to the sanctions they have in place). It should be noted that Nearby Share for Windows works without any problems, but it is still in the testing stage, and Google has not announced when we can expect a stable version of the application. It’s also important to know that it still doesn’t work on Windows devices with ARM processors, and currently only runs on Windows 10/11 64-bit. If you have a compatible Windows device, it’s pretty easy to set up the app once you download it for free. Nearby Share for Windows now available in almost all countries Getting the development is very simple: you just have to download it from the official page. Once this is done, you simply have to proceed with the installation in the usual way in Windows and, finally, log in with the same Google account that is on your Android device. Done, you’re done and from now on you can transfer files between computers (you just have to make sure that both devices are on the same WiFi network, that Bluetooth is activated, and also that the computers are within a radius of about 10 meters from each other). other). Excellent news about the arrival of this development that allows us to share files, links and what we have on the clipboard of our Android device with our Windows PC without the need to use external applications or cables. Best of all, Nearby Share works via wireless connectivity, so there’s no need to worry about messy or inconvenient cables. Instead, just access the share menu of our Android device and find our computer from there. Easier, impossible. >