Google launches app to centralize user health data

Google launches app to centralize user health data

Google has developed a new app called ‘Health Connect‘ (“Connected Health, in Portuguese) that concentrates physical activity data collected by various platforms in a single place, such as Peloton, for example, which with the novelty can be synchronized with MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers and Lifesum, in addition to other apps .

The app was developed in partnership with Samsung helping to standardize the sharing of information between the various fitness services. Most health data is collected by accessories such as smart watches or bracelets and stored in proprietary apps, such as Zepp Life, in the case of Xiaomi.

According to Google, developers should take advantage of the platform to centralize Android users’ data, thus facilitating the visualization and storage of information such as the number of steps, calories burned and heart rate.

for now, the Health Connect is only available for Android in public beta, so it is possible that in this first phase users will identify bugs and failures in use.

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