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Google launches Android Automotive 13 with new features for automakers and Bluetooth “Gabeldorsche”

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Last Thursday (25), Google launched android Automotive 13 software as the next generation of the company’s operating system for vehicles. This version is based on Android 13, bringing an interface and functions adapted for use on multimedia screens in cars, highlighting for inserting the new bluetooth stack “Gabeldorsche”.

A changelog released last week by the developer confirms the main news that arrive with the announcement of this new version, such as new APIs that can be explored by assemblers, a new Privacy Panel for managing application permissions and more.

Android Automotive 13 comes with tools that should be especially useful for automakers, who will have more possibilities from this software, including compatibility with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which can be used to unlock cars using radiofrequency keys with a distance of 10 cm.

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There is also support for viewing more than one camera in the car and, the great highlight of the time, integration with the Bluetooth stack known as “Gabeldorsche”, a feature tested since Android 11 serving as a management mechanism for all devices connected to the system.

  • complete changelog
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Android Automotive 13. (Image: Reproduction).

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