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Google launches AI-based productivity tools to compete with Microsoft

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Google has unveiled its new AI-powered productivity functionality, designed to help users edit emails and collaborate within the cloud software.

The company seeks to counter the presentation of similar products by its rival, Microsoft, which plans to reveal its developments in a live event during this day.

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Google and Microsoft prepare for a battle in the AI-based productivity market

Google’s “magic wand” tools are now available in its Google Docs software, allowing users to take advantage of automated content generation to write blog articles, create plans for various activities, and generate other types of content. In addition, the tool can automatically revise text tone based on user preference, summarize message threads in Gmail, and create slideshow drafts.

The launch of these AI-based productivity tools is another step in Google’s strategy to integrate its artificial intelligence technology into its core products. Google parent company Alphabet is hoping to compete with Microsoft, whose keynote event will focus on “reinventing productivity with AI,” analysts said.

Google’s new tools could also be a significant change in the way people interact with email and other documents online. Some of the tool’s features, such as the ability to summarize message threads and automated content generation, could significantly improve user efficiency and productivity.

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In a press release, Google highlighted the importance of these new AI-based productivity tools in helping people work smarter and more efficiently in today’s remote work environment. The company stated that its goal is to make the software more accessible and easy to use for users.

The main goal of these tools is to make life easier for users by allowing them to automatically generate content, check text tone, and create digests of message threads in Gmail. In this way, Google intends to increase the efficiency and productivity of users in their day to day.

With these new productivity tools, Google intends to counter similar proposals from its rival Microsoft, which has also announced an event to present its next developments in the reinvention of productivity with AI, which will take place today, March 16.

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The competition between both companies intensifies in this field, since it is a very lucrative market. It is expected that among the novelties to be presented by Microsoft, new functions for its Microsoft Word software will be announced.

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