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Google launches a function for the cameras of our phones to read the heart rate

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Google is increasingly interested in our health and has now announced new features that will allow those without wearable sensors to read their respiratory and heart rates. Starting next month, the owners of Pixel can use the cameras of their phones to measure their pulse and respiratory ratethrough the Google Fit health app. In addition, the company has advanced that this new function will expand to more Android devices over time.

Google launches a feature for phone cameras to read heart rate

When the feature is available on your phone, we can open the Fit app to take measurements by tapping on the new dedicated cards on the home page. Google will know our respiratory rate by observing the movement of the chest, so you will need to see our torso for this. To do this, use small color changes under the footl to calculate the heart rate, and we will have to place our finger on the rear camera for it. The Fit app will guide this entire process using the front camera for respiratory rate. Also in the process we will have to hold your phone for about 30 seconds to capture our respiratory rate.

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Surely this type of heart rate detection method is familiar to you, it sounds familiar, and you may be thinking about smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 that was released with a separate sensor under the camera for this purpose. Also in the app stores there are many alternatives that already allow us to use our telephone to measure our pulse since 2014.

Heart rate function Google

Google promises to ensure our privacy

But because Google is the software titan, it is certain that this system will have some benefits compared to the other alternatives. The brand claims to have completed clinical trials and initial validations to ensure the accuracy of its products.

For those who are concerned about their Privacy, Google has communicated that this function only performs various calculations on the device and that we can choose to save the measurements obtained in Fit or directly delete them once consulted at any time from the configuration of your account.

From the scientific point of view, it should always be borne in mind that these new functions have not received the approval of the FDA and they have not been designed for medical diagnosis or to evaluate medical conditions, so we can never trust them 100%, just take it as something preventive and informative.

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