Google Keep is preparing to be the ‘default notes app’: this change makes it different in Android 14

google keep is preparing to be the default notes app.webp.webp.webp
google keep is preparing to be the default notes app.webp.webp.webp

On Android we have a multitude of note-taking applications, but none enjoy the same popularity as Google’s own. We refer to Google Keep currently preparing to receive its dose of artificial intelligence, just after embracing text formatting.

However, the search giant continues to implement new functions to satisfy the needs of its users. As we read in Android Authority, Keep could be our default notes app, because it is prepared for this. With this behavior, you will achieve better integration into the operating system, leaving us with some new features that we discuss below.

Keep levels up integrated into Android 14

First of all, the specialized media reveals that Google Keep is also preparing the stylus holder, ahead of the launch of the Google digital pen that will be paired with the Pixel Tablet. But what is significantly important is not this, but the upcoming change related to one of the new features of Android 14.

Android 14 Google Keep NotesThis is what quick access to take notes looks like. Screenshot from Android Authority

The most recent version of the American firm’s operating system added shortcuts to the lock screen, or rather its customization. We have two quick accesses, located in the right and left corners of the lock screen. As we say, these can be customized, with an access still hiddenthe ‘Note Taking’ one.

For this button to work, we need to tell the system what is the default application for notesand in order to be elected, you must meet two requirements:

  • It must be developed with the Android 14 API.
  • On the other hand, you must add the try (object used to request an action from another component of an app) that the system sends to the ‘default notes application’.

By complying with these two sections, it can be added as quick access to the lock screen, and Google Keep already does it on the new version 5.23.482.04. Therefore, once it arrives, we can select it from Settings, going to Applications > Default Applications. It is worth mentioning that this option will not appear unless we force it from the developer options.

Now, mainly this change brings two benefits clear to Keep: on the one hand, the aforementioned shortcut that will allow us to quickly take notes when we need it. In fact, it will not be necessary to unlock the mobile. On the other hand, it gives you access to a new API that allows the user to take a screenshot of the open window to insert it into a note.

This change paves the way for Keep to be the exception, since as a general rule, apps do not allow screenshots of the entire window for privacy reasons. Through this API, the system interface takes the capture on behalf of the notes app, in order to allow it and give us the result, the possibility of editing it.

Of course, it is not yet possible to add Google Keep as the default application, since when you enable the option it will tell us that it needs to be updated (without an update available). Therefore, we will have to wait for the development of these functions to be completed, and then update it through Play Store.

For the moment we will continue waiting for this update to arrive to squeeze something more out of Keep, and therefore the Android 14 possibilities. According to the information, it should not take long to arrive, although it would be rare to see it in action before the beginning of next year.

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