Google is so confused that it hurts itself: don’t call it Bard, call it Gemini

Google’s chatbot, or what is the same, “Google ChatGPT”, is called Google Bard. Or that’s how, at least, it was presented to the world last year. It is now also capable of generating images, and has been updated with the Gemini Pro language model.

However, as is happening with the name change of Assistant with Bard, which we don’t know if it will be called that or simply Bard, Google is looking for a more characteristic name for it. According to the latest leaks found in the official Android application, the Mountain View firm would now rename it to Gemini.

Google makes a huge mess with names

According to the specialized media 9to5Google, the American giant is thinking about abandon the “Bard” brand with which he revealed and named his chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT’s rival has amply demonstrated its capabilities, but Google is not too convinced of the name.

During the presentation’Made by Google‘where we met the Pixel 8, Google revealed to us that the abilities of its AI would intermingle with the Google Assistant, adding to its name: Assistant with Bard. From Apps ProBox we have covered the latest news that pointed to a name changewithout us knowing the final decision.

These same doubts are transferred to the conversational bot, with some recent clear indications that the web application will be renamed Gemini, just like the language model from which it is based. This change has been detected by the well-known Dylan Roussel, in charge of diving into the depths of the search giant’s services and apps.

Google Bard Gemini

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He has confirmed on “Bard is now Gemini”.

The best way to directly access Google AI

All the collaboration features you know and love are still here, and they’ll only get better in the Gemini era.

Subsequently, the colleagues at 9to5Google have decompiled the latest update of the app that provides direct access to the Google Assistant, detecting that it now also refers to Bard as “Gemini”. This last change makes some sense, and it seems that Google wants to consolidate the name so that it is recognized as your AI brand.

Let us remember that Gemini has been used from the beginning to define the language model from the American firm, which comes in three versions: Gemini Nano to run locally on the device, Pro which is now part of the chatbot, and the next generation Ultra version.

Instead of maintaining the differentiation in the nomenclatures, Google shows the intention to gather all its forces behind the name of Gemini. Or so it seems at the moment, because It wouldn’t be strange if he finally made another decision.. Do you think Google is right? Which of the two names do you think may have greater appeal? We read you in comments.

Via | 9to5Google

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