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Google is not shy: the personal data you enter into its AI will end up being read by a human

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google is not shy the personal data you enter into.png

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The different Artificial Intelligence models that have arrived in recent months have allowed us to discover a new way of performing a large number of functions that, now, we can perform in a matter of seconds. However, they have also had a direct impact on one of the great concerns that currently exist at a social level: user privacy. Google even states this in the very foundations of Gemini, its AI tool.


The Artificial Intelligence assistants that have emerged in recent months have revealed to us a world of possibilities. With them, we can design creatives, write reports or summarize our work meetings in just a few seconds. All this without having to have advanced knowledge in the field. However, they have also raised a large number of questions. Most of them, focused in the same direction: the privacy of users.

And this is one of the aspects that draw the attention of Gemini, Google’s AI. If we stop to read your privacy policy, accessible from this link, we check how the company itself recommends that We do not provide confidential information in any conversation, especially if we do not want this information to reach a human at some point.

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Do not share information


Google states that “To help with quality and improve our products, human reviewers read, annotate, and process your Gemini app conversations“, although he also warns that they take “measures to protect your privacy as part of this process” like, for example, the disconnection between conversations with Gemini from our Google account.

However, and despite this measure, Google itself warns that we do not introduce “sensitive information in your conversations or any data that you do not want a reviewer to see or for Google to use to improve our products, services, and machine learning technologies”.

Up to 18 months

In the same document, it is stated that “Google stores your Gemini Apps activity in your Google Account for up to 18 months, which you can change to 3 or 36 months in your Gemini Apps Activity. Information about your location, including your device’s general area, IP address, or home or work addresses in your Google Account, is also stored with your activity on Gemini Apps.”.

On the page that Google has enabled for this, accessible from this link, we can make the relevant configuration so we can use Gemini applications without saving our conversations in our account. Additionally, in this other link we can review what are the conversations that have been saved and delete them at the appropriate time.

Another curious aspect that we can find in this policy is that, even though we have eliminated our Gemini Apps activity, “Conversations that have been reviewed or annotated by human reviewers (and related data such as your language, device type, location information, or comments) are not deleted” when we delete the activity. The explanation offered by Google is that this information is not connected to our Google account. This information is retained for up to three years.

Therefore, if we are Regular Gemini users, or any other AI tool, it is important that we have identified what policy they have regarding the use of our data. And, as Google states, avoid providing sensitive or confidential information that we do not want to be used to continue improving the different existing models.