Google is going to do your makeup with AI in your video calls: goodbye to dirty teeth and dark circles

google is going to do your makeup with ai in your video calls goodbye to dirty teeth and dark circles
google is going to do your makeup with ai in your video calls goodbye to dirty teeth and dark circles

A few hours ago, Google announced the arrival of two new portrait modes to greatly improve the image before a video call.

After improving video calls with a new resolution , now Google has just announced two new settings for Meet. The central objective is that the user does not even need to touch up before entering a video call . An interesting functionality that will allow you to whiten your teeth or make your face look like never before in those video interactions.

In contrast to the current trend, in which even actresses like the renowned Michelle Pfeiffer show themselves without makeup from their official Instagram account, Google is now working to help improve the image in video calls made from its Meet app. for mobiles.

And Google clarifies that a new functionality that users have been demanding for a long time has been launched . In this way, it introduces the ability to apply beauty effects during video calls. Just yesterday he shared the two new settings that can be used in a new version that he is rolling out for mobile phones.

Teeth Whitening?

The final deployment of this novelty in Meet will conclude on October 28 and the web version of the Google app will be launched by the end of this year. These two settings are two new portrait modes that will offer the possibility of applying different levels of beauty: one would be to reduce eye shadow and the other would whiten teeth.

The two modes are  Subtle and  Smoothing . The first applies cosmetic adjustments in a light way and the second is a slightly more profound transformation of the user’s face. Google maintains that the appearance will change slightly across the two modes, so the new feature won’t radically transform the user’s visual image either; What it will do is clarify it.

This new functionality will be present from the settings in the new version of Google Meet in Spain. And there is a limitation on its use : it can only be used by all those who are subscribed to Business Standard, Business Plan, Enterprise Essentials, Education Plus, Google One and Google Workspace Individual. Which means that all users who use a personal account will not be able to use it for now.

With all the current intention by different parties for these filters to stop being used so much, in most social networks they are used daily by millions of people. In fact, Google’s competing apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, according to The Verge , already use similar features to blur the user’s skin or even apply virtual makeup effects.

A novelty announced from the Google blog that will be well received by all users who use this app under a subscription and thus allow themselves the luxury of not touching up so much before entering a video call . A point of conflict between users who defend the use of these filters against those who prefer to show themselves as they are.

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