Google is going after WhatsApp with this function that comes to Contacts: sharing location in real time

google is going after whatsapp with this function that comes.webp.webp.webp
google is going after whatsapp with this function that comes.webp.webp.webp

Google continues working on the main applications with which it provides services to its operating system. Yesterday we learned that Google Keep is preparing to be the ‘default app’ for notes, with certain changes that will leave a renewed user experience.

Now it’s the turn of Contacts, the calendar application par excellence from the search giant. It was recently updated, adding reminders of important dates such as birthdays, and assigning ringtones. But in the future it will attack a function that we all use in WhatsApp– Share location.

Contacts wants to be more than a phone book of numbers

More than half a year ago, when we were still in the first months of the current 2023, the big changes that would come to light were announced. Google Contacts. Among them was the ability to share location in real time, although it is a feature absent eight months later.

New upcoming changes to the Google Contacts app:

— Наиль Садыков (@Nail_Sadykov) May 24, 2023

However, now it is one step closer, as we read in Android Police. Google’s tendency to make its applications work together has led it to this point where we see features that we would not expect in some apps. Although when you think about it carefully, It has all the sense of the world.

Finally it seems to be official, and as we can see in the publication of Twitter X that we attached above we already know what it will look like. Contacts adds a new module focused on this function, which will allow us share location in real time with our loved ones.

The arrival of Android 14 was expected, but it was not until version of Google Contacts that has been present. From the specialized media they are already commenting that it has landed on some of the mobile phones, although in Apps ProBox we do not yet have it available.

At least we do know how will it work: having a contact with an assigned Gmail address, which pre

From the popular map application, we can use it to go to our contact or set up a notification to alert us of your arrival. It is a simple but very useful feature, and it makes a lot of sense if you use the services of the North American company.

It is worth mentioning that Google Contacts It is compatible with any Android mobile, being the default app for the Google Pixel and some smartphones from other manufacturers. In addition, it is mainly responsible for allowing us to synchronize contacts – pay attention to the change that was announced in May – regardless of our device.

Via | Android Police

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