Google increases its commitment to tablets by adapting its Gboard keyboard

Google increases its commitment to tablets by adapting its Gboard keyboard

Google increases its commitment to tablets by adapting its Gboard keyboard

The company Google It is at a time when the commitment to tablets is increasing significantly, and not exclusively for its own Pixel (which is expected to be official in 2023, due to the fact that it arrives somewhat late). What we say has to do with adapting your operating system and applications to use on the large screens of these computers. And now it’s the turn of Gboard, its keyboard for Android.

The North American firm already has a version of its operating system for mobile devices adapted to tablets, called Android 12L, which is adapted to screens that exceed eight inches so that the experience is optimal. And, little by little, it is doing the same with the applications that it offers officially, such as Gmail or Maps. Curiously, to date the corresponding update had not arrived. gboardsomething just changed.

New version of Google keyboard for Android

This can be enjoyed in the trial version of Gboard, and can be downloaded for free from Google’s own Play Store. Specifically, it is version 12.3 and has a quite new design when used with a tablet. This has better distributed keys both horizontally and vertically, and its position allows the user to use it quite comfortably because it simulates in dimensions what exists in a physical keyboard traditional.

Dark Google Keyboard for Tablets

It is noted, therefore, that the use of the touch keyboard has been specifically thought of for use on tablets, since, for example, its adjustment when changing the orientation is excellent. Options are even added that are perfect for text input, like a tabulator on the right side and, in addition, the comma and period are located in the same place as on physical keyboards (so you do not have to search for them with a continuous pressure of a key). Besides, in the upper area are shown suggestions of use with circles that fit perfectly.

Clear Google Keyboard for Tablets

The tablets well a sweet moment

The times when there were doubts about the viability of tablets, since their usefulness was not very great, are over. Thanks to the increased power they offer and the use of accessories, these devices have become a common choice for personal and professional use. And for this reason, your sales have increased significantly. And this is the reason that has led Google to increase its commitment to them (even putting the development of its own Chromebooks to sleep) and, also, for other manufacturers such as Samsung to adapt their applications and developments to large screens.


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