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Google improves the function of going back to the previous screen, but it should only appear on Android 14

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O Google presented developers with the evolution of the function that allows the user to view a preview of the previous page. This feature serves to prevent what the company’s team called falsing🇧🇷 That is, the act of unintentionally closing applications and which often interferes with navigation on Android.

Who uses the android 13 already faced with something like that, but what the manufacturer is preparing is something more complete and that should arrive in android 14🇧🇷 The idea, then, becomes showing the preview of the previous page within the app itself, something that looks like what happens in the iOS🇧🇷 The developer presented at the Android Dev Summit how the function should work.

The similarities, however, stop there, as the way previews are displayed is different. In this way, Google’s operating system will ‘shrink’ the current page so that it can display the content of the previous one. In addition, the animation will be customized, giving each app the opportunity to show something different.

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Even if it was shown in a preview, the function should only appear even in versions of Android 14. In fact, this was just one of the new features that the new software should bring when it is launched. Another example is the possibility of full support for the NTFS file system.

Another novelty linked to the operating system is that it may require smartphones to use the AVI codec and even migrate to 64-bit architecture. Therefore, until it is actually implemented, several new elements must emerge.

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