Google improves its Reading Mode application on Android, here are all the news

google improves its reading mode application on android here are.jpg
google improves its reading mode application on android here are.jpg

Google’s recent Reading Mode app for Android is getting a big update that brings a much-requested feature: background reading support.

Google Play Mode

Good news for Android users, Google’s Read Mode app, introduced last December, is getting even more convenient. It had quickly become a tool of choice for users looking to improve their reading experience on Android devices. With the new version 1.1 update, users can now enjoyuninterrupted audio playback, even when they’re using other apps or their device’s screen is off.

For those unaware, Reading Mode is an app that offers a range of features to customize the reading experience on Android devices. Users can customize text contrast, color and font size without changing the content itself. Besides, the read-aloud feature allows users to have the content of an article read to them. Reading mode is primarily designed for websites or certain applications, but currently does not support PDFs, emails, chat messages, or social media feeds.

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Reading mode now runs in the background

Previously, leaving the overlay page or locking the device would abruptly end the text-to-speech feature in reading mode. However, the latest update completely changes this behavior.

With version 1.1, play mode continues in the background and users get a handy media player notification which allows them to play or pause the audio, skip to the next or previous sentence, and even skim through the entire article. This new feature means users can start a long article, lock their phone, and continue on, creating an experience akin to a podcast or classic song. The good news is that users can easily enable or disable this featuredepending on their personal preferences.

The updated version of Android’s Reading Mode is rolling out to the Google Play Store, but it might not be available to all users yet.

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