Google Home lets you control your connected accessories from a PC

google home lets you control your connected accessories from a.jpg
google home lets you control your connected accessories from a.jpg

Google is updating the Home web app. The new version allows access to automatic actions from a web browser. This allows remote control of connected home automation accessories in addition to cameras. The web interface does not allow to modify the routines already created. Google Home takes advantage of this update to adopt a new design for access to connected cameras.

Google Home
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Equivalent to Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home is a complete home automation ecosystem which makes your home more interactive. The Mountain View company relies heavily on Android and its variations, as well as on the achievements of Nest, to develop a complete environment where you find hundreds of products that you can control from your television, your tablet, your Nest Hub or your Android smartphone.

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Regularly, Google deploys updates to the Home environment, in particular to the mobile application. We have reported in our columns the arrival of quick commands on the lock screen of a smartphone, the compatibility of the Home and Nest environment with the Matter standard, or the update of the Home application for smartwatches under wearOS for easier access to connected objects. And Google continues to add more functionality to Home, but that doesn’t affect Android, Android TV, or wearOS.

Google Home Auto Actions can be accessed from the web

This new update, accessible only in beta and in the United States at first, concerns the Google Home web application, accessible with any browser (but Chrome is more practical since it uses your Google account) from address The new version of the Home web app allows access automatic actions that you configured earlier. Turn on lights or heating. Activate a program of a robot vacuum cleaner. Etc.

As this is a beta, there are still some restrictions. In particular, you cannot modify an automatic action from the web interface. To do this, you must go back to the mobile application to create and edit a routine. There is however no constraint on the type of device you can control.

Another enhancement to the Home web app, the interface for accessing your connected cameras is improved. All cameras are accessible from a specific tab, separate from the automation tab, and the buttons are rounded and modernized. If you can access the live video feed from your cameras, you still can’t talk and listen live. But this function could be pushed soon.

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