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Google Home adds three new spheres for your Nest Hub, do you know how to change them?

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Smart devices based on the google-assistant-now-allows-you-to-create-routines-that-are-activated-at-dawn-or-dusk/">Google Assistant have gone through many stages and, as time goes by, it seems logical that those with a touch screen are becoming more prevalent. The Nest Hub and its superior model, or those sold by Lenovo, for example, have made it possible to advance a lot when it comes to communicating with others through video calls, viewing content and selecting or receiving instructions in a much more graphic way. With these screens has come the need to personalize them and, here, the different spheres that we can configure when it is in standby mode come into play, working only as a kitchen or bedside clock, where its only task (especially at night) is to give us the time. And it is that, normally when it dawns, the Nest Hub is dedicated solely to showing us the latest photographs or albums that we have been selecting over the last few months. Three new watch faces Thus, some Reddit users have published that in the last few hours three new watch faces have appeared in the Google home application that will be added to the (eight) already existing ones and which are the ones that you can see. in this article. On the one hand the so-called “Meteorological” that you have in the opening image, and on the other the two that you have just below. This update is curious because, at least Google, did not add new areas for almost two years, when the last two arrived in May 2019. With those that have just been published, three, the number shoots up until eleven o’clock, so the catalog of these themes that personalize our virtual assistant grows little by little to allow us to give it another air from time to time. And is that not many users who have one of these devices know that they can change the appearance to their liking and stop showing photos to permanently activate one of these spheres. To do so, you simply have to access the Google Home application on iOS or Android, and in the wizard’s functions tell it in the “Photo Frame” to activate the “Full screen clock”. There you can choose from a series of designs where these three new spheres added in the last hours should already appear. We have tried to verify that they were already there but at this time the three spheres are not visible or selectable so, as Google usually does with its updates, it will surely take a few days to arrive.

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