Google has new projects for Pay: transforming it into the definitive digital wallet


Last October Google confirmed the abandonment of his banking ambitions going to lay a stone on the Plex project, which would have transformed Google Pay in a real alternative to traditional credit institutions. Initially, the aim was not to replace the banks, but to work side by side and propose current and savings accounts that would use the underlying infrastructure of the main banking partners. Obviously it was expected that in the future Google would not be limited to this, but in any case the Plex project no longer exists so the question does not even arise.

The abandonment of Plex though it doesn’t mean that Google has given up on its will to evolve Pay, or at least this is what emerges from a Bloomberg report that shows us what the future of the Mountain View payment service will be. According to what emerged, the new focus of Google is no longer the banking sector, but to make Google Pay a real universal wallet, able to represent the “connective tissue for the entire financial sector “.


The topic of cryptocurrencies is also part of the speech, which are not yet brought to the center of Google’s strategy – or at least not officially – but it seems that they will still play a fundamental role in the future, also thanks approaching important companies in the sector such as Coinbase – whose card is accepted in Google Pay, together with that of Binance – e BitPay.

Google has indeed confirmed that it is lending particular attention to the world of crypto, even if he hasn’t made his move yet. Is it possible, therefore, that Pay can also integrate a wallet dedicated to digital assets in the future, or that these can even be used to make transactions via Google Pay? At the moment it is still early to say, but the intentions seem to be all there.