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Google has a new tool for quick searches from mobile

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Google is improving the dynamics of its mobile app with a new function that adapts to your search term.

While we have filters to specify the type of content we are interested in, Google goes one step further with its new “related topics” feature.

Google will show you topics similar to your search to facilitate the process

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Yesterday we told you that Google Chrome was adding a series of shortcuts to make it easier for you to find bookmarks, open tabs and your history. And it is not the only update that the Google team has launched that makes our activity on the web easier for us.

It has also launched “related topics” in the Google app for iOS and Android that simplifies the search process. When you type a search term in Google you will see that a series of filters are displayed at the top, such as images, videos, maps, news, etc. These filters allow you to specify that you are only interested in this type of content in the search results.

And now, Google is implementing a new dynamic to filter bases that will allow you to browse topics related to your query. For example, as you see in the image above, if you are searching for “dinner ideas” you will see that some related topics are automatically added that can help you in your search. For example, “Easy”, “Healthy”, “Vegetarian”, “Fast”, among other possibilities.

You can add one or more of these topics to refine the search, and get the expected results without making us too complicated. And an interesting detail is that these suggestions or filters will change as you choose a new term.

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A dynamic that adjusts to the needs of users:

When you perform a search, our systems automatically display topics relevant to you based on our understanding of how people search for and analyze content on the web.

For now, this new dynamic will be implemented in English for users in the United States.

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