Google, Gmail and YouTube suffer a fall in Spain that leaves thousands of users without service

google, gmail and youtube suffer a fall in spain that
google, gmail and youtube suffer a fall in spain that

Downdetector has registered minor failures throughout this Friday, which they have multiplied after 9:00 p.m.. Various Google services have been compromised, including search, email, Google Drive, and YouTube.

The general fall has generated notices that affected, according to the aforementioned page, other companies, including Movistar, Spotify, Digi, Orange, Twitch, Reddit, Uber Eats, HBO, Steam and PayPal.

At the time of publishing this news, the services seem to have recovered their operationalthough we may notice some slowness as all systems become fully functional again.

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Google, the internet giant

The fall of Google and its main services has revealed the magnitude of this company when we talk about the internet. From the search engine, which many use directly from their browser bar, to YouTube, the platform for viewing millions of videos online, many have been affected during this journey.

We cannot fail to name other services which are already basic, such as Gmail email. They are the absolute dominators in their respective categories with millions of users. Only in the first minutes of the fall, up to 10,000 reports have been registered on the aforementioned website that includes the incidents of the different Internet services.

The Google website that indicates the status of its services right now shows some specific problems in Europe. These are related to more enterprise-specific cloud products and the like. The most relevant, such as the aforementioned YouTube, Gmail or the Search Engine are working without problems.

Collateral damage

In the same way that it happens with AWS from Amazon or Azure from Microsoft, hundreds of online services depend on Google’s infrastructure to function properly. Any problem makes these services temporarily unavailable to users for the duration of the incident.

This is what has caused, in one way or another, services such as Movistar, Spotify, Digi, Orange, Twitch, Reddit, Uber Eats, HBO, Steam and PayPal, to have experienced some type of specific problem throughout the day and a widespread problem from 9:00 p.m. Spanish time.

Be that as it may, the fall can be resolved, although the California-based company has not reported this specifically. At the moment, we still do not know the exact causes that have caused the failure of the main Internet services and that have left thousands of users “hanging”.

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