Google fuels the AI ​​war: Gemini begins to integrate into Chrome

google fuels the ai ​​war gemini begins to integrate into.jpg
google fuels the ai ​​war gemini begins to integrate into.jpg

Google’s arrival in Artificial Intelligence has only highlighted its intention to position itself as one of the leading companies in the sector compared to Microsoft and OpenAI. Those from Mountain View have made several changes over the last year and have not stopped until they found the right formula to compete in the generative AI market. Gemini is his main proposal and now he wants integrate it into Google Chrome.



It seems that we are subject to the new stage of Artificial Intelligence, one of the technological revolutions that has exploded the most during the last two years. Thus, the chatbot war has only just begun after Google has fired a tranquilizer dart at Copilot and ChatGPT to include Gemini in the Google Chrome browser. Next, we will tell you how the most famous search giant intends to implement this new feature and how users will interact with it.

Gemini will be part of Google Chrome

There is no one to stop him. Google is already beginning to test its Gemini chatbot in the most used browser worldwide, Google Chrome. Although at first glance we cannot access it, since This is a testing phase which is only available for users who are signed up for the Chrome development version, the truth is that this function has already been tested.

To do this, as we have mentioned, it is necessary have Chrome Canary downloaded updated and carry out the following instructions:

  • Open Google Chrome Canary and make sure you have the latest version installed 123.0.6304.0. You can make sure at this link: chrome://settings/help.
  • Copy and paste the following link in the address bar and press the Enter key: chrome://flags/#omnibox-starter-pack-expansion.
  • Enable the feature Expansion Pack.
  • Restart Google Chrome.



Now you will have the Gemini chat ready to interact with it at any time.

Gemini in Google Chrome

How to use it?

Once you have integrated the Google chatbot, it is time to make the most of all its benefits. To get Gemini up and running, simply head to Chrome’s address bar and type an at @. Next, you will see three search options appear and one to chat with the AI. Click on this last icon and you will see it reflected with the text «Chat with Gemini».

When you click, Chrome will be ready to give you the opportunity to use the app, so you can type the first thing that comes to mind to start researching. It should be noted that the chat does not seem to work correctly if you log in with your account, so it is advisable to log out so that the Google robot responds to your request.

Why was the decision made to integrate Gemini? As with Microsoft Copilot, the Google chatbot will be essential to increase the user experience and make everything much more comfortable and easier to find, as well as ask all the questions that arise. It may also integrate with other services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, etc. However, we do not know how Gemini will collect our private data, but we cannot avoid the idea that Google’s Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.