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Google finally closes Stadia, these are the reasons and the consequences

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If there is something for which Google is known, it is that, if the case arises, it does not shake its hand to close a service that it does not see a good future for. And this is what seems to have happened with Stadia, its cloud-based gaming service. The firm has announced its definitive closure, which has confirmed the rumors that have been published lately. There was information that was not at all clear about it, since many claimed that trust in Google for Stadia no longer existed. And, others, saw in small movements – such as changes in the resolution – indications that things continued as if nothing in Mountain View. But, in the end, the former are the ones who were right. Thus, the North American firm has announced that its service is closed, and has given the specific date on which it can never be accessed again: January 18, 2023. That is, just around the corner. The truth is that the company’s commitment to cloud gaming has been in operation for three years… perhaps not enough to know if its maintenance was viable. But, for Google, more than enough to check the way in which this service was put on the market, it did not have a viable future. A pity, everything must be said. The reasons that have led Google to take the step Well, something as simple as Stadia has not had the necessary impact to be sustainable, and we are talking about user support in the form of subscribers. In this way, the company has indicated that the service “did not gain the traction among users that we expected.” Therefore, given that the market share was not good, in the end the decision was made despite the effort invested so that the games would run on remote servers. In addition, the competition is increasing and aggressive, and if you do not have a cushion of followers, it is not worth the effort to support both technological advances and in the offer of games that have a cost -which, in Google accounts , it was almost certain that he would not have the expected return. Therefore, it was best to kill Stadia and move on to something else. Of course, always with the idea of ​​maintaining the commitment to the entertainment segment. As a result, it is possible that new ideas will be seen by the North American firm… although this remains to be seen, of course. Things to know about Stadia’s goodbye The first thing is that the company has decided to make a refund of all purchases that have to do with the hardware purchased to use Stadia (such as controllers or packs that include a player with Google TV), as long as the purchase was made in the Google Store. In addition, expenses for the software, such as internal or additional purchases, will also be refunded. Of course, the same will not happen with the cost of subscriptions, since they were enjoyed at the time. In addition, it is important to know that from Google they make it clear that the technology they have applied, and what they have learned in its use, will not fall on deaf ears. In this way, it will surely be the basis for improving everything that has to do with the Cloud services offered by the company and, also, with those options in which augmented reality has to be used remotely. Therefore, something will always remain in Google of Stadia. >

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