Google explains how Android Auto’s AI message summary works

google explains how android autos ai message summary works.webp.webp.webp
google explains how android autos ai message summary works.webp.webp.webp

The Android Auto 11.3 update brought us the AI-generated message summaries, something that Samsung took the opportunity to announce as part of the Galaxy AI improvements. Now, Google has shed some light on how exactly they work.

In a Android Auto support page Google explains how AI summaries are generated and what conditions are necessary for us to obtain said summary, clarifying important doubts about your privacy.

These are the Android Auto message summaries

Android Auto can now generate a summary of pending messages that enter you while you are driving, as long as you have active Play AI-generated message summaries in your settings. We saw that this setting began to arrive widely starting with Android Auto 11.3, although it could also be available in previous versions.

Now, Google clarifies that Google does not record messages or interactions and that the messages are not used to train your AI. Even if you do not record them, messages must be processed on Google servers and not on your mobile.


Google also emphasizes that there may be errors and that summaries are not available on all devices, regions, countries and languages. In our tests, for example, the summaries were correct but in English and read with Spanish pronunciation. A mess.

And what messages are summarized? A message needs to be long to be summarized: needs to be more than 40 words. This, or that we have received a succession of messages from the same person or group. Instead of reading them all one by one: the Google Assistant will offer to give us a summary when we press Read aloud. In summary, this is the data that Google specifies on its support page:

  • Android Auto summaries are not available in all regions, countries, mobiles, or languages.
  • Summaries may have errors.
  • The Assistant does not keep a record of your messages or your interactions.
  • Messages from our notifications are not used to train the AI.
  • Summaries are offered when we receive a message of more than 40 words or several from the same sender or group.
  • If the message is short or there are messages from several senders or groups, they are read as before, one by one.
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