Google ends one of the star functions of Maps: the Android Auto-style driving mode says goodbye

google ends one of the star functions of maps the.webp.webp.webp
google ends one of the star functions of maps the.webp.webp.webp

He Google Maps driving modeor rather the Google Assistant, transforms our Android mobile into a screen ready to use while driving: simple, effective and with an icon distribution similar to Android Auto.

In case we do not have a car with a screen compatible with Android Auto, it is a good ally. However, as the rumors had been warning since last year, sadly we must fire him.

Goodbye driving mode: Google does not consider it necessary

In its day, the Mountain View company already made another painful move: load Android Auto for mobile phones, which brought us closer to the car’s infotainment system interface without needing to have one. Google stated at the time that it had perfect substitutethe driving mode that is saying goodbye today.

This driving mode, even added a home screen to facilitate user-software interaction, something that It did not convince the search giant either. Finally, He also erased it from the mapleaving us only the possibility of using it through Maps.

So far, so bad, but we learned to live with this bottom bar that appears in the Google navigation and maps app. Now, if we access the function, we will see a message that tells us about its fatal destiny: “this view will disappear in February.”

Google driving mode

Android Police Capture

It does not provide any more information than that, not even a link that provides some clarity to the matter. The only thing we can do is press the cross that will close the notice, and will allow us – for now – continue using the aforementioned driving mode.

Therefore, at a certain time of the month that has just begun, we will have to accept its end and in its place we will only have the microphone icon within Google Mapswhich allows interaction through voice commands.

We will be waiting for a official confirmation by the American firm, especially in order to know the final date on which we will say goodbye to this useful tool. He google cemetery In this case, it welcomes one more function, one that many users will miss in the future.

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