Google Drive will allow you to detect any suspicious movement in your company’s files

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The Google team announced an important update for those who use their business services to coordinate and share their organization’s work.

A new feature that will make it easy to detect if an outsider has made unauthorized changes to company files.

One of the options that Google offers to administrators is to use the Drive audit log to track the activity of the organization’s users with respect to documents and files. A dynamic that will now also be applied with external users.

Sharing documents with users outside the organization is normal when we are working on a project, and we need to temporarily include other people. However, sharing confidential information outside of your team environment can pose a business risk.

So that this situation can be controlled, Google will allow the Drive audit trail to include external users. So if you have shared a document with a supplier, client or external team, you will be able to know if they have carried out any extra actions. For example, if they have made a copy, if they have downloaded it, if they have changed data without authorization, etc.

A simple way to track external activity on important organization documents. And of course, a system to detect any strange movement or suspicious activity on the documents, or actions that do not have the consent of the administrator.

A dynamic that includes the suite of Google services such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, among others. And of course, those files that are uploaded and shared through Google Drive, for example, a PDF.

The Google team mentions that this dynamic will be implemented by default, so administrators will not have to take any extra action.