Home Tech News Google Drive incorporates an alert in the presence of malicious files

Google Drive incorporates an alert in the presence of malicious files

2022 01 21 11 16 14
2022 01 21 11 16 14

It is no secret that viruses and malicious programs in general are much more dangerous today than they were years ago. We have the clear example of ransomware capable of generating millions in losses for companies. In that sense, cloud storage services can also be vulnerable to these problems. For this reason, Google Drive has incorporated an option that alerts us to the presence of malicious files.

In this way, if you have any files in your account that are suspected of being infected, we will receive a warning.

Google Drive will alert you if you have malicious files

Ransomware is a perfect example to exemplify the great utility that this new Google Drive option represents. These viruses are capable of hijacking information from the systems they infect, making it inaccessible until the ransom is paid. The mechanisms used to exploit vulnerabilities and enter systems are multiple and are renewed every day. Hence the need to turn our gaze towards cloud storage, in order to prevent information from being compromised in these instances.

In this sense, Google Drive brings an alert in the presence of malicious files that allows us to decide whether to delete the file or review it more thoroughly. The operation of this option is automatic, that is, when opening the preview of the file in question, Google Drive will display this message:

This file looks suspicious. It can be used to steal your personal information

Additionally, this notice will have a link to more information about the actions we can take. This feature is not limited to ransomware detection, but also works against phishing and malware in general. The function will be enabled by default for everyone, although its deployment will be progressive from now on.