Google Drive has more options to rearrange your files and folders

google drive 1.jpg
google drive 1.jpg

If you have hundreds of files and folders stored in Google Drive, it will help you to have what’s new in the latest update.

Beyond the different criteria you use to organize your files, Drive adds new options to make finding and viewing them much easier.

How to organize files and folders in Google Drive

Google Drive has different options to organize files and folders, or view them from the main page.

For example, you can sort the files alphabetically, based on when you or any user last modified, or you can sort them based on the last one you opened.

So if you’re looking for files you’ve used recently, you can use these criteria to easily view and locate them in your Drive account. And of course, you can also take advantage of the filters that Drive uses to facilitate the search, such as file type, people, a custom period, etc.

New options to manage folders in Google Drive

And thanks to the latest update, there are new options for you to reorganize your files and folders, easily found in your Drive.

As you see in the image above, Google Drive will allow you to set if you want the folders to show up alone at the top, or if you want to combine them with the rest of the files on the main page.

If you choose the second option, the criteria you have established for the files will be applied. For example, to display all the items in the list in alphabetical order.

And on the other hand, if you are doing a search you will see that the new menu will adapt to the most relevant results. Although they are minor changes, new options that help us organize our files are always appreciated, since dealing with hundreds of them becomes a big headache.

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