Google Docs makes it easier to use tables in documents

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A new update to Google Docs makes it easier to integrate and customize tables in documents.

So if tables become a pain when you use Docs, you can take advantage of the new features to customize them without overcomplicating. We tell you all the changes you will find with this update.

Google Docs Improves the way you work with tables

Although we often turn to Excel or Google Spreadsheets when we need to work with tables, we also often integrate them into documents. However, you will have noticed that this process is not so intuitive, and we spend more time than we would like trying to integrate a table into a document.

The Google team wants to fix this issue in the new Docs update, which brings “more flexibility and control” over tables in documents.

For example, one of the changes that this update brings is that you can “drag and drop” a table to place it anywhere in the document. On the other hand, you will find more options to customize the table and indicate how the text will be integrated.

You can also choose between different styles, assign colors, set a fixed position, among other options. And if you always work with the same style of table or the same type of document, you can use the “quick layouts” that you will find in the table settings.

Better support for Microsoft Word documents with tables

When we import files created in Microsoft Word into Docs, the tables often don’t look like we originally set them up in the document.

A problem that requires us to spend time again in the document to correct the presentation of the table. Google has also fixed this problem, since with this update the import of Word documents is improved so that the tables are not modified in the process.

All these new features of Google Docs begin to be deployed to all users with personal Google accounts.

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