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Google Docs has new options to insert and customize a table of contents

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Google Docs is receiving an interesting update that will make it easier to give the index or table of contents the style we want in our document.

Without having to complicate ourselves too much or resort to third-party tools, we can give the elements of our index different formats. We tell you how to use these new Docs options.

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New options to customize our documents

Google Docs has many functions that allow us to customize every aspect of our document. No matter what type of document we have to create, Docs has multiple menus with items that we can add to give it the desired format.

And now it is enhanced with new options to insert and customize the format of an index or table of contents. Although the dynamic to add an index in the document remains the same, more options are added that allow us to customize the style.

For example, Google Docs now allows you to toggle between three default table of contents styles: plain text, dotted, and links. And under each style we will find a series of options to customize its format. For example, we can choose if we want the number of pages to be displayed or not, the type of padding, as well as customize the indentation of each header.

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So you have the freedom to combine different options or switch between different styles when creating a table of contents, depending on the type of document. You can try out the different styles and then customize them, without getting bogged down with too many options.

Remember that you need to go to the top menu and choose Insert >> Index, so that Google Docs shows you the different styles of tables of contents. And if you want to see the rest of the options to customize the format, you just have to click on the three dots on the floating menu and choose “More options”.

When you do that, you’ll see a sidebar open with all the formatting options and header levels. And of course, you can remove the document index at any time using the context menu.

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