Google Discover stops displaying full-screen content on Android

Google Discover stops displaying full-screen content on Android
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In a somewhat curious change, Google Discover and even the search app no longer display content in full screen on Android. The novelty began to be noticed by several users this Tuesday.

According to reports from those who have already received the improvement, Google Discover must open the content of a website in a kind of sheet superimposed on the application.

Apparently, the idea is to allow the user to read the content without the display causing them to end up losing context or even reloading the Discover page without realizing it.

See an example below:

Image/Reproduction: 9to5Google.

An interesting detail is that this new sheet is a custom Chrome tab, and this is evident by observing that Google itself makes this information very clear in the page header.

If you want to discard the content, just swipe down and the main Google Discover feed will take up the entire screen of your smartphone again.

Videos and multimedia content should still continue to fill the smartphone screen, and the novelty is apparently being tested with a limited number of users.

That’s because only a few people in the US have reported the display change in Google’s beta app. Therefore, there is still no forecast for the novelty to be released widely in the stable version.

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