Google Digital Wellbeing prepares to monitor our sleep habits

Google Digital Wellbeing prepares to monitor our sleep habits
Google Digital Wellbeing Prepares To Monitor Our Sleep Habits

Google Digital Wellbeing prepares to monitor our sleep habits

One of the most anticipated features of Google Fit seems that it will finally come through the tools of Digital wellness, and is that Google is preparing this application concerned about our digital habits to monitor our sleep.

Until now, the company only offers us Google Fit to record our sleep, either manually or using third-party apps or bracelets, but Google still does not automatically record our sleep hours, something that will change soon with Digital wellness.

Sleep habits in Digital Wellbeing

The latest update of Digital wellness It hides this novelty in its source code, which will allow us to track our sleep habits. This functionality is still in development but the guys at XDA-Developers have managed to activate it to show us their first screenshots and details.


Digital wellness and the application Google watch will use the usage data of the applications together with the light sensor and gyroscope to detect when we are sleeping or when we are awake looking at the screen of the mobile. At the moment it will only measure that, if we are sleeping or awake looking at the mobile, without analyzing the quality of sleep.

The graph will show us at the time we go to bed to sleep, how many times have we woken up to look at the mobile and when the alarm went off. The objective of this function is to know how many times we have been kept awake and have ended up looking at the mobile screen instead of sleeping in one go to help us improve habits.

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Night Notes

Another novelty that seems to be associated with sleep monitoring is the night notes. When we are lying in bed, an access will appear on the screen to create a quick note. Perhaps it is to point out what it is that has revealed us, if some divine inspiration, a bad dream or something that we had forgotten to do or write down.

Digital wellness

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