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Google develops GPS devices as an alternative to Apple’s AirTags

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One of the devices The cheapest Apple offers in its ecosystem of products are the well-known AirTags small devices that work with gps technology that are synchronized with an iPhone and allow to know the location of some elements or devices with great precision although on some occasions it has been used to Track people without their consent.

Despite this, his popularity and low price causes each of these devices to add to the sales profit for the utility company. Cupertino and it would be the reason why Googlewhich develops the operating system Androidyou would be looking to create your own version of this product to compete in the market with the products from the other company.

According to the technology expert, mishaal rahmalGoogle would be working on a function known as “Fast Pair” or quick pairingwhich would have a link to a “locator tag”, provisional name that the company would be giving to its version of the device GPS.

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Google’s quick pairing feature could support a type of device called a “locator tag,” which could refer to a version of Apple’s own AirTag. (Twitter/Mishaal Rahmal)

“Tag locator probably refers to bluetooth trackers like the AirTags that could support this function”, indicated rahman on your official account Twitterin which he also included a screenshot where you can see the function of bonding with nearby devices, the quick pairing option and the “tag” device locator” at the bottom of the link options.

Secondly, Kuba Wojciechowskialso a technology specialist, indicated on Twitter that the device Google has received a code name, which would be “Grogu” in reference to the character of the series The Mandalorianadapted within the universe of Star Wars.

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In addition, another of the characteristics of the device would be the possibility of introducing a function audio that would allow you to emit a sound that helps to locate a device in this way just like a AirTag of Manzana.

Apple's AirTag is one of the company's cheapest and most popular devices. Apple Inc./via REUTERS.

Apple’s AirTag is one of the company’s cheapest and most popular devices. Apple Inc./via REUTERS.

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According to the leaker, the product that Google is looking to launch to the market would have different colors unlike the AirTags that they are always white and that require accessories additional (such as key rings) to customize their color, which could help to differentiate both products each other despite having the same function and characteristics of software.

Wojciechowski He also assured in his publications that the devices Pixel 6 Pro & Pixel 7 Pro could be the first products of Google that they have the option of pairing with these new products, which due to the proximity of the event, could be announced during the Google I / O Conference, which is scheduled to take place during the month of May of this year 2023.

During the same event, it is also expected that Google make additional announcements, such as the arrival in stores and authorized distributors of the new pixel phones sometime during the second half of the year, which could put these products in direct competition with newer iPhone 15 which could be announced during the month of September of this year as is customary in the company of Cupertino.

Another novelty in which Google would be working for its next market launch would be a new version for your speaker part of the ecosystem Nest of the company and that will have incorporated a technology of quick pairing that will allow people to quickly transition their multimedia audio from their cell phone to other devices.

These speakers that would form part of the third generation of devices of this type in Googlethey would also have special options for the devices pixel to which it would be linked once they have gone on sale.

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