Google copies the design of Apple’s app store on its watches with Wear OS

google copies the design of apples app store on its.jpg
google copies the design of apples app store on its.jpg

The Wear OS Google Play Store has been redesigned with an aesthetic that is very reminiscent of the Apple Watch App Store.

After many years leaving aside Android watches Google presented its first smartwatch last yearthe Pixel Watch, which seems to have a successor on July 4, at the Pixel 8 presentation event. In addition, it has increased agreements with companies such as Qualcomm or Samsung to revitalize this market, which was dominated by Apple in the high range and by brands like Xiaomi and Amazfit in the medium and low range, which are the ones that are successful in Spain.

As with tablets, The key to these devices selling more and more is the applications, which are what give reasons to use them throughout the day, beyond the functions they have as standard. To install these apps, each watch has access to an application store, in the case of those that use Wear OS, Play Store.

The last change in this store is aesthetic And Google has renewed the design of the product, application and game sheets to resemble those of Apple. As can be seen in the images, they look somewhat better on watches that have rectangular shapes, but it does not seem that this will be the case in the case of circular watches.

The new design offers a more compact aesthetic with straight lines, which looks strange on a watch like the Pixel Watch, which uses a circular dial. All in all, it seems clear that the inspiration is the Apple Watch App Store, especially if they are placed side by side. With the new design, Google wants to show more information at a glance.

This change in the Google Play Store for Wear OS is independent of the update to Wear OS 4 that the watches of each manufacturer may have. Google changes its apps, even some as important as this one, on the server side, so it is a matter of time before the new design ends up reaching all users of this operating system.

Play Store and AppStore

The rest of the app has also been updated, but the modifications are not as notable as in the case of each application page. Perhaps on October 4, Google will show more changes for Wear OS, especially if the new watch is finally presented, which is called to be the alternative to the Apple Watch Series 9.

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